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Horn Street Advisors is an online resource for role players



Our free collection of characters, maps, and items is designed to encourage impromptu and ad hoc role playing games with friends and family, even if they have no experience with role playing games. By using our easy-to-read player characters, your party can quickly choose adventurers and run a story or campaign without a Session Zero.


We cater to experienced role players and game masters that wish to share their passion for gaming with individuals who have little to no previous experience. Whether you're home with family for the holidays or running your first one-shot with friends, all you need is a printer, some dice, and a good story to start your next adventure. 

Our roster of advisors allows your players to quickly choose Level 4 PCs, and each features a retinue from Strongholds & Followers should your next mission be short on numbers. These characters can also serve in your existing campaigns as colorful NPCs, be they mission-givers, allies, rivals, or enemies. 

Our maps bring structure to theatre of the mind combat and can be shared with your players during a battle or once the map is cleared. These properties can also represent nontraditional estates brokered by Horn Street Advisors in-game, but which must be cleared before the sale can be completed—your first mission! 

Our quick and easy item cards let your players incarnate their accomplishments and trade with each other during their pursuit of gold and glory. These item cards also allow game masters to quickly generate treasure found during adventures as well as at shops or specialist vendors.

Managed by "The Proprietor" and a staff of purple-scaled kobolds, Horn Street Advisors exists in-game as a mysterious, boutique brokerage firm on Horn Street in the North Ward of Waterdeep. We believe that setting the headquarters of our games in a metropolitan center like Waterdeep allows new players to more easily transition into the world in which they will inhabit, one with clear laws and social norms. As a game master, Horn Street Advisors can help you run a character-driven adventure while minimizing risk of radical derailment by new players; our operators are tasked to complete specific mission objectives for our clients, whereas freelance adventurers are often swayed or distracted by repressed creativity, errant entrepreneurship, and the temptations of independence once released into the lawless wild. However, our resources are free for you to use as you see fit, and we humbly hope that we can bring to your game a John Wick-esque level of professionalism and intrigue that would make any lawful neutral deity proud. 

If you'd like to support Horn Street Advisors and our mission to share role playing games with a broader audience, please consider supporting our project on our Patreon page

Horn Street Advisors comprises unofficial Fan Content permitted under Wizard's Fan Content Policy and is not approved or endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC. All fan content is free for anyone to view, access, share, and use—that's the whole point! 

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