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Class A North Ward Manor - High Road & Sulmor

Updated: May 12, 2022

This pristine North Ward manor is located near the intersection of High Road & Sulmor Street. The primary structure features three decks along with a finished attic, as well as a cellar with sewer connection. The connected secondary and tertiary structures (each with their own street access points) offer additional floor space for personal use, servants' quarters, a study, kitchen, and more. This property is perfect for the enterprising lord or lady who frequents the City of Splendors.

List Price: 91,000 gold

Annual Upkeep: 4,332.5 gold (3,640 maintenance, 682.5 taxes)

Illusory model and livable floor plans may be found below (these dated floor plans show 15 ft. grids):

Class A North Word Manor - High Road and Sulmor
Download ZIP • 282KB

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