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Class B Southern Ward Guildhall - Way of the Dragon & Street of Smiths

This Southern Ward property is located on one of Waterdeep's primary thoroughfares, the Way of the Dragon. Located at the intersection with the Street of Smiths, this property has been utilized as a nightclub known as the Golden Circle. The owners have not committed to selling the property, although given a strong offer they may be so inclined. List price includes property only, not the existing business. The owners frequently update the exterior and interior of the property, and have maintained it extremely well.

List Price: 23,638.5 gold

Annual Upkeep: 886.44 gold (709.16 maintenance, 177.29 taxes)

Illusory model and livable floor plans may be found below:

Class B Southern Ward Stone Guildhall - Way of the Dragon & Street of Smiths
Download ZIP • 445KB

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